Busker Birthdays provides professional performers in the Ottawa area for your next birthday partyOur packages are an hour hour long and include; a 30-40 minute long show full of family friendly comedy that’s great for the kids, plenty of audience participation, juggling / busker tricks, and magic! Each show is followed by amazing balloons for all of the kids.

Our packages give parents some time off during the party – to get food ready or to hang out with other parents! (for best results we do encourage some parental supervision)

“My son had so much fun
with you at his party!”
– Jamie Taylor

Our performers are professionals who put on a show that is hilarious and engaging for the kids. Even the parents get a kick out of it!

The Entertainers who started Busker Birthdays have over 20 years experience performing for family crowds.
They know how to get your crowd laughing and how to have tons of fun.

At Busker Birthdays, we only hire out performers who we would have performing at our own kids parties!

Our performers are professionals who put on a show that is hilarious and engaging for the kids (even the parents get a kick out of it). The Entertainers who started Busker birthdays have over 30 years combined experience performing for kids and family crowds. They know how to get your crowd laughing and how to have loads of fun. Busker Birthdays was started by parents who are professional performing artists.

Ben 1 - BB“My son and his friends LOVED his Busker Birthday party last year. They can’t stop talking about having you back!” – Karen Wood  ( Knock on Wood Communications and Events)

Benoit Lavallee is a young talented magician that is really great with the kids.  Ben’s birthday party shows combine some amazing kids magic, stage magic, and comedy that keeps the kids giggling and engaged.  With a degree in theatre, and over 10 yrs experience performing magic, you and your kids will be amazed.  Fluently Bilingual, Ben performs shows in English and French. By special request Ben can levitate the birthday child! *Special charges apply for levitating children.


Mike 3 - BBMike Kosowan is an energetic and upcoming home-grown clown born and raised in Ottawa. As a University of Ottawa Theatre Graduate, Mike has trained as an actor and improvist. Mike has also taught workshops in improv, playback and magic. He has performed in a multitude of shows, and been featured at numerous festivals, fairs and events – even performed at Comicon! Mike is high energy, has great rapport with his crowds, and is always ready to surprise! (photo right)




Kevin Smith  is one of Ottawa’s up and coming magicians. You might have already watched him working table magic at an Ottawa restaurant! Kevin is great with the kids, and a really talented magician. He’s great for both the kids and the adults,  and delivers a show that you’re kids will keep talking about.  His birthday party show is packed full of interactive tricks that will keep your kids engaged and mystified!



Busker Birthdays provides a few different packages to suit your needs.

Our Standard birthday party package is about an hour long and includes a fun show followed by balloon creations for all of the kids.


The Show – A fantastic 40 minute long show that is full of audience participation, magic, a hint of juggling, tricks with the kids and comedy that’s great for all ages. It is 40 minutes of frolicking fun.

Balloon Creations – Following the show, our performer creates amazing balloon creations for all of the kids. Balloons are by request and is amazing balloon art that the kids love to take home. This takes place after the show and is approximately 20 minutes.  Total investment for an hour of fun is $195+tax*

Oh Wait… Theres More!

Circus/Interactive Workshops – Following the show, our performer works with the kids and teaches them two circussy tricks. Instructions can include two of the following: juggling, rolling globe balancing, the art of yo-yoing, plate spinning or theatre games. Total time of the workshops is approximately an extra 20-30 minutes. The investment to have this circussy training would be an extra $75*

Magic Workshop – our performers can teach the kids three simple magic tricks. Each child takes home a simple homemade magic kit that is full of household items they can perform magic with! Workshop runs 20-30 minutes. The investment for the Magic workshop is an additional $75*.

For community and corporate events please contact our parent company Orbital Talent that specializes in booking corporate, community and festival entertainment. www.orbitaltalent.com

* This is our household birthday party rate.

* Pricing listed is in the Ottawa area for up to 15 children. Please call to confirm availability and pricing. Pricing is subject to change.

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10 Tips and Ideas to Help You Throw a Fantastic Kids Birthday Party

Here’s a few ideas to help make throwing your next kids party a bit easier, and hopefully, a lot more fun! 1) Plan well ahead of time! Ask your Child what they really want to do and try your best …

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249062xcitefun-birthday-cake-1Here’s a few ideas to help make throwing your next kids party a bit easier, and hopefully, a lot more fun!

1) Plan well ahead of time! Ask your Child what they really want to do and try your best to roll with that. It is, after all, their special day.

2) Don’t throw the party at your house! Not having the party (and the Children) at your house has huge advantages. If your party is offsite, you don’t have to clean up your house before or after the event. You won’t have 8-20 kids tearing through or messing up your living space for 3-4 hours – enough said.

3) Have cake last! Serve your cake and sugary goodies towards the end of the party. Kids don’t need sugar to get wired for fun at a party. Just being around other kids gets them going. Do like Grandma, feed them sweets, then ship them off home. After all, Grandma knows best!

4) Hire professionals! Just subcontracting out one thing can help your party out immensely. Be it a cleaning service, a cake specialist, a balloon guy, party performer or even a face-painter, professionals can easily do what you might spend your money and time doing badly. You might try to make 20 balloon dogs, but it may take you an hour. Why not sit back and enjoy a professional balloon guy who can make ladybugs and Spidermen out of balloons, while entertaining and engaging the kids in half that time! Even the pressure of not baking a cake can be a big relief the day of the party.

5) Book a show! Having a Magician, Clown or other show booked will give you 30-45 minutes to get food ready, visit with other parents or even just sit down and enjoy the show too – let a talented performer help you too feel like a kid again. Don’t forget, these are professional entertainers, not babysitters; it’s always helpful to have one or two parents sitting with the kids to help keep them behave.

6) Schedule! Don’t “wing it”. Plan out your party schedule, write it out and keep it in mind. When you are planning your party, also keep in mind your child’s schedule. Booking their birthday party during naptime is a recipe for disaster.

7) Go with the flow! Sometimes things happen.. and instead of fighting it, it’s best to just go with the flow. Here are two examples from two parties that we just hosted in the last year where we “went with the flow”. For our youngest (turning 3 years old), we’d hired a fantastic Clown to put on a show for the kids. Strangely, we noticed that the kids were all quietly sitting at the table and starting to snack… We had lunch planned after the show, but decided quickly that since all of the kids were all sitting quietly at the table, that is was best to serve spaghetti immediately! We bumped the show 30 minutes, and everything went super well – we were super lucky that our entertainer could accommodate the schedule change!

8) Opening Gifts first? At our oldest son’s party (turning 6 years old), somehow he started intercepting presents before we could see, and before we knew it, and really before the party had started, he was into all of his gifts. As parents we want to make a big deal of the presents, make sure that everyone gets a thank you and is acknowledged for their gifts. For the other kids at the party, the birthday kid opening gifts is no fun. We were mid-way through our party, and had about 8 kids between the ages of 3-7 years in the house, and our house was really quiet… dangerously quiet. The kids had all paired off with the new toys, toys that they themselves were excited about, and they were all playing quietly around the house. Opening presents first works.. who knew!

9) Plan out a few activities to keep the kids busy! Planning at least one “blowing off steam” activity is essential. (ie trampoline, scavenger hunt outside, Duck, Duck Goose, freeze tag, dance party). Yoda, Yoda Darth Vader is an awesome older kid alternative game to Duck, Duck Goose!

Last, but not least, and most of all…

10) Have Fun! That is the whole point of all this right? Your kids party is all about the kids, but there’s no rule that says the kids get to have all the fun!

Author Brian Wilson ( http://www.brianrobertwilson.com ) has been entertaining at special events for almost 20 years, Father of two young boys, he still throws and occasionally performs at kids parties in the Ottawa, Ontario Canada area. Brian founded a company that focuses on entertaining children at kids parties, visit http://www.buskerbirthdays.com for more information on their shows, and for more tips and ideas for your next kids event.

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Fall birthday parties for all ages!

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Our weekends are starting to book up with birthdays for all ages in the Ottawa area – in the past few weeks we’ve been at a couple of parties for the 8-12 yr old age group, and even one with a dozen 4 year olds. Since we work with a number of different performers, we can ensure that you get a performer that “plays well” with the age group at your party!

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